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I wanted more freedom at a deeper knowledge of web interactions. As a side project I taught myself basic web-development and honed my interaction design skills.

One of my skills I find most valuable is my ability to learn new skills and tools quickly. My constant desire to be pushing my knowledge lead me to web-development; a vast and ever changing challenge that opens doors to deeper understanding of the apps we use every day as well as new methods of story telling and expression.

My personal website is my real focus with my design work. This is where I test new types of interactions as well as display my digital craftsmanship. Here are some of the highlights and a peek behind the curtain for my personal portfolio.


Tools + Languages

Adobe Xd

JS (Swup library)


This site has consistently seen updates and supported various goals through out its existence. As the web development world has changed so has this site. It has always subscribed to a minimalist idea that simple web-building blocks used properly can create the most enjoyable experience for the user and let the content shine.

Check back soon...

More on development and process coming!