/ Résumé

Core Competencies

Experience Design (UX)
Interface Design (UI)
Frontend Web Dev.
Information Architecture
Industrial Design
Design Research
CAD Modeling
Visual Communication Design


University of Washington
BDes Industrial Design
Class of 2019


KinAptic | Design Consultant
Seattle, WA
Feb. 2021 - Present

  • Leading product and brand design for medical device company in seed stage

  • UX/UI for medical app currently seeking regulatory approval

  • Lead branding and pitch design including company brand guidlines + narrative development for investor/partner pitch

Stealth Startup | Design Intern
Seattle, WA
Feb. 2021 - Present

  • Designed branded websites for 40+ clients

  • Created branded assets and email mailing champaigns for 70+ clients

San Juan Citizens Alliance | Part-Time UX Consultant + Web-Developer
Seattle, WA
Oct. 2020 - Dec. 2020

  • Guiding a small non-profit in Colorado towards a digital presence with better impact and membership conversion on an existing WP site

  • Fine-tuning and updating website best practices by improving load times by 400% and accessibility best practices

  • Developing tools + handbook to reduce cost of future website upkeep and training

The RepairCycle | Co-Founder and Designer
Seattle, WA
Apr. 2019 - Present

  • Interactive clothing mending and repair education from a bike trailer I designed, prototyped, and constructed

  • We are designing to catalyze change for the circular economy in our community through a branded service focused on inclusion, empowerment, and education.

  • Research based and funded by UW sustainability fund, Mactez Stipend, and other generous organizations.

Industrial Alchemy | Web Developer & Industrial Design Intern
North Bend, WA
Apr. 2019 - Oct. 2019

  • Design, development and implementation of a new Industrial Alchemy website providing a new channel of client acquisition and improving brand credibility

  • This internship involved hands-on soft and hard good prototyping and manufacturer specification development

Freelance | UX Designer and Front-End Web Developer
Seattle, WA
Jun. 2017 - Dec. 2020

  • Design, development, and launch of small business and individual websites

  • Wire-framing, website auditing, client communication, user flow, branding

  • Notable Clients/Projects: Industrial Alchemy, Dodrill Insurance, Kammok, Personal Website, Repair Cycle

Patagonia Worn Wear | Worn Wear Retail (Repair) Team Lead
Boulder, CO
Nov. 2019 - Feb. 2020

  • Invited to join the leadership team for Patagonia’s experimental pre-owned outdoor clothing pop-up store

  • Responsibilities focused on design and implementation of complex in-store and contract-based clothing repair system, repair education, and event planning

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