The RepairCycle

The RepairCycle is an ongoing project in collaboration with Coreen Callister and Logan Windish that aims to provide a interactive experience that promotes sustainable clothing practices through complimentary garment repair and education. Funded by the University of Washington Sustainability Fund and . Come visit us at the upcoming Upcycle Bazar at King County’s CHOMP and the Seattle Design Festival Block Party.



The current stages of the project are research based experience design and branding. As a team

Upcoming Events

We just biked to marymore park near seattle for CHOMP!, King Counties alternative sustainable county fair. It was an incredible experience repairing from shirts to shoes! We even fixed some socks!

This weekend, August 24th and 25th we will be at Seattle Design Festival Block party! 10am to 7pm we will be mending clothing and talking about our project.

Beyond these events we will be doing