Polygon Scraper

A simple tool created in response to a school prompt. This tool was built to scrape in a variety of positions with an intriguing polygonal form.


This tool was inspired by a simple function factor: scraping. With that as a guide I sketched as many ideas as could flow from my hand. I drew from some images I had collected as inspiration and let the creativity flow. Below are some images and a sample of the sketches from the process.


Below are only a small fraction of the many blue foam prototypes I made during my process. Too really get a physical feel for the handle and tool I created a whole mound of drafts ranging from rough forms to lightly sanded forms to get a more precise feeling of the handle. This is the point in the process where the scraper head shape and finger notch really took hold and were developed.


The final form has a sleek look. It is a handle that fits intuitively into the hand and feels powerful. The form give a modern and polished look. The final model is made of polyurethane foam with spray paint finish.

scraper tool handlefinal product image of scraper tool