Penguin Shearers

A hair stylist tool created in response to a school prompt. This tool was built to texture and layer hair in a innovative, streamlined, and functional way.


Research was focused on the barbers that would be using the tool. I focused my study on a select few that often performed their work not in a traditional studio but in homes and locations where having a handy multi-purpose tool would be helpful.


Ideation focused on sketching mostly. Using pages and pages going from just a squiggled line to explore a form to a shaded pencil rendering the form began to take shape.


The prototyping section of this project was a unique one because of the mechanical components as well. To allow for development of the form and mechanism simultaneously I decided to use laser cut plywood as the prototyping material. The process was rigorous going from vector files to prototype construction to testing quickly and then cycling back to the beginning implementing each change or idea for testing just shortly after. This allowed for rapid changes to the design and quality refinement.


The final form of the Penguin Shearers is a classy tuxedo black and white combo. The mock blade is a simple plastic stand in for a real serrated blade which was not developed in this process. The black body of the tool is a painted polyurethane foam.