Web Development


This website that you are browsing right now was coded personally by yours truly. I created every line of html and css myself as well as writing all the JS using jQuery. I took this site along through every stage of its life. From a sketch on paper to a fully functioning prototype to what you see before you today.

Industrial Alchemy

More on this coming soon!

The website is currently under construction
Industrial Alchemy

Dodrill Insurance

In collaboration with Isaac Dodrill I designed and applied my knowledge of styling in a professional setting. The site was a complete overhaul of their previous website with major improvements to accessibility, responsiveness, and usability. This involved a fast work environment with a quick ideation and prototype turn around. Through interviews and meetings with the client we quickly developed a site that was exciting for the client and a huge improvement to their online presence. Critical information for their users is readily available and simple to engage. Through a simple design a huge wealth of information and interactions are available as well without a sacrifice in quality of experience.

New Site: