March 2017

A Few Days Up North

After the inevitable last minute packing and a ridiculously early morning we journeyed up north to the Canadian Wilderness. If you’re reading this you are probebly familiar with Malibu Club and the Princess Louisa Inlet but if you’re not I’ll explain. One of the most beautiful places on the planet. We were headed up to help get Malibu Club camp ready for Summer and campers. Most years it rains but this time we got a treat: sunny days. The boat ride in was one of the most beutiful rides down the Jervis Inlet I’ve ever had. The mountains had snow and the clouds were picturesque.

To get to camp is quite a journey but I got to do it with some of the best guys you you could hope to call friends. Most afternoons we got a chance after the work day to hang out on the deck of the cabin looking out over the beautiful inlet and just enjoy the sun. It was some much needed relaxation.

I also broght my drone. So much fun to explore such a familiar place from a new perspective.