September 2016

The Long Road To San Francisco

Some times things change. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes its easy. Other times it’s not. Long roads help with both. Ryan moved to San Francisco and this is journal on the long road we took there. Of coarse this adventure didn’t begin with just getting in the car but that’s where this journal starts. It starts with a rainy day and a couple of brothers hoping in a toyoda highlander packed with possesions and memories.

Although the end goal was south we began heading east. Over the mountains to visit friends along the way. Quick stop in a field to strike a pose.

After driving down the coast from Portland we endered San Francisco over the old red bridge. A day exploring a new city and settling a friend in a new home ended with posting up some hammocks hidden in the park and an early flight the next morning. This sort of change is bittersweet. Exciting to see friends make leaps but sad to know you can’t just call them up and see them this afternoon. Long roads help.