April 2017

Where Are We Going? Pt.I

First stop on the Where Are We Going road-trip was Portland, Or but that’s just a side note in my mind. Isn’t the real first stop the one immediately after your eyes get glued to the window? Well that’s were I’m starting if you feel like following along. You see the rock rise out of the flat eastern Oregon landscape in as you close in. What you can’t see is the valley. You park walk the last 50 feet and then catch your jaw before it tumbles down into the valley below. Time to explore.

We didn’t get a guide book. We just didn’t think of it and so we just started walking. I read that there are over 1,500 climbing routes in the park (and this park is not to large. Basically we just looked at the walls as we hiked and eventually just said… We’ll they all look fun… Let’s try this one. Stuart lead 90% and then walked me though finishing it off. Suffice to say day one was as the youth say “lit”.

After a big dinner and an extremely good evening reading the Martian (highly recommend) we woke up to a new beautiful day. Climbed another route, explored, and essentially did exactly what we felt like when we felt like it. Tonight we sleep in San Francisco. Yeah that’s a long drive and Crater Lake is on the way. No way we pass that up.