April 2017

Where Are We Going? Pt.II

Well after a lot of driving including a quick stop at crater lake (couldn’t really see anything), San Francisco (staying with Ryan finally got to sleep it), and Palm Desert (a quick stop in Huntington Beach to visit Jaime) we finally got to do some more climbing. Climbing at Joshua Tree! Well, I guess it wasn’t technically Joshua Tree, it was Indian Cove but pretty much the same place. So beautiful and had some really fun climbing.

We didn’t see a single person other than the three of us (Stuart, Ryan, and I) on the wall. It was peaceful but also a bit sunny. I obviously forgot the sunscreen so I got a gnarly sunburn. Like this is bad enough that I didn’t want to move my arms the next day… Yeah aloe and sunscreen for the rest of the trip are priority numero uno.

Next stop flagstaff!