May 2017

Where Are We Going? Pt.IV

Well this has taken a little while to write but finally here we are…

Once you get back you are dropped back into ‘real’ life and it starts to take a hold. You begin having a pattern in you behavior and a regular structure to your day. I really missed the constant change and relaxed schedule. I missed sleeping outside. I missed waking up with sunshine. I was happy to feel the rain again though.

The first section of the final part of our journey was a really spectacular drive. We got up before the sun in Flagstaff and would finally set up camp late at night near Boise Idaho. but that was 15 hours of driving away. First stop was the Grand Canyon! We accidentally timed it to be right at sunrise. Perfect setting for a cup of mate and a bit of loitering.

We wound through the hills and canyons of Utah as the day moved on. Marveling as a new expanse was revealed at every turn. As afternoon plodded along with us we made a discovery: other planets struggle with traffic flow as well. We had arrived at a strange planet made mostly of salt with wind so strong it would blow semi-trucks over (we saw 4 on their side). Parts of this drive were like sitting in a parking lot and at some point here we ran out of water. All the remaining water was briny an hard to drink. On a trip about dangaling rocks with our fingers and toes this was surprisingly the most dangerous part.

We arrived at a camp spot late and woke up to a suprise snow. Well… there went our plans to climb outdoors today.

Our last night on the road was beautiful. Clear sky with a bright moon and a new friend. We met up with Jenna who I had met a few weeks before while in Canada. The three of us drove out along the pot hole ridden road by the light of the moon and had chocolate for dinner. The next day was the last on the road… We climbed at the Black Cliffs, ate a crap ton of potato scramble, and then began the last leg.

The trip ended as it should with a lonely drive through the Cascade mountais. The clear sky made it feel like driving through space and allowed for some deep reflection and rumination. And then it was over.