David Duyker

Product Designer | Creative | Primarily: Pacific Time


An experienced senior product designer with expertise in user-experience design, design research, design systems, and sustainability. I am passionate about creative expression through physical and digital experiences.

Professional Experience

Currently — Senior Product Designer @nZero where I'm helping organizations achieve their climate goals with better data and analysis tools.

Previous roles at Kinaptic, Barn2Door, and Industrial Alchemy, and freelance work.

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Notable Projects

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Working With Me

Here's what some of my lovely colleagues have said about working with me:

"I really appreciate how open and generous David has been with his time and knowledge... He's always willing to make time for a meeting or a working session and I appreciate it big time."

—Coworker (Design)

"[David] is great at the "why" for the designs. This comes in handy in sprint planning with all the devs asking a lot of whys for the design we're looking at."

—Coworker (Developer)

"[David's] knowledge of design and understanding of how coding and MUI come together are very powerful which adds to his ability to communicate effectively to myself and other devs."

—Coworker (Developer)

"David always keeps the end user in mind, displaying a depth of empathy that results in product features that are truly human-centered."