Stories from My Design Practice

Enjoy some teasers and case-studies for some of the design work I have had a hand in delivering. Reach out if you would like to hear more

Creating Expert Level Data Tools
(preview only)

This journey began with research sessions with sustainability experts and scientists. From that foundation we developed Data-Download tools to help practitioners assemble data in seconds instead of months. We kept our solution modular and extensable so it could keep up with the ever expanding needs of our expert practitioners.

Building a Design System Zero-to-One (preview  only)

We were a very small team and used a "land-and-expand" strategy which lead to more efficiency and consistency where it mattered most. It also made handoff between design & developers easier for our growing teams. ("land and expand" is a term learned recently from Patric Morgans newsletter that captures what our process well)

Revitalizing a Studio's Brand Presence

Industrial Alchemy is a outdoor gear design studio which I helped start a new chapter. I worked with them to revitalize their neglected digital brand and estabilshed a new channel for client aquisition. The new site put personality forward and showcased their industry leading products and technology.

The Repair Cycle

Passion project doing clothing repair around the city from a bike trailer in 2019.


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