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The RepairCycle

Our relationship with textiles is out of balance. How can we catalyze change towards a culture of repair?

The average life cycle for an article of clothing (in the U.S.) is less than one year. With no straightforward way to recycle textiles, this disposable mindset is creating massive solid waste (about 1 garbage truck every second, or 92 million tons dumped into landfills annually). Striking a balance means disrupting this wasteful cycle with thoughtfully designed experiences that inspire and empower us to keep and enjoy clothing longer.

The Repair Cycle is a mobile, on-the-spot mending service that powers the circular economy through the universal aspect of clothing.

The RepairCycle cart on the University of Washington campus.


Coreen Calister
David Duyker

Sofia Cababa Wood
Logan Windish


Spring – Fall 2019
We participated in CHOMP, Seattle Design Fest, University of Washington Sustainability Fair, and the University of Washington Senior Design Show in 2019


University of Washington Sustainability Fund
Macktez Summer Stipend

Logan Windish pedals around with RepairCycles trailer.

What we do


Our focus is creating a wonderful new way to “re-experience” our clothing through interactive events and on the spot mending services. Each event is unique and adaptive but they all are pop-ups and educate participants on the systemic issues with the garment industry and what can be done as an individual and community to change.

On-The-Spot Mending

All of our events to date have offered free on the spot mending. Our biggest repair event so far was Seattle Design Fest! Tons of fun and being near downtown Seattle we got to mend for a wide variety of people.


Everyone who comes and interacts with us will be able to learn regardless of their available time or resources. When appropriate we provide sewing kits (with instructions for simple tasks) free of charge as well as classes. Our favorite to date was taught by Wren-bird mends on sashiko style mending.